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Monday, April 8, 2013

How to do Micro jobs in

There are many category of micro jobs in Basically there are small jobs with small amount.Jobs are basically range from $0.10 to $10.

Job Category :


How to do the do the jobs:

Sign up :
You are given the site where you need to sign up.
Browse the site in another New tab.
When the jobs come for sign up always think you need to create an account to that site.
You need to fill the form with the required information.
Basically email address, password, Your name, username, address,country,zip code,postal code,state/province/region and other information.
Always use after sign up you need to verify your mail which you use while registration process.
After verifying your mail always login to the site.
This is steps shows your have complete the sign up.

Here you are given the instruction.
Some time they ask you to go to, or any other site.
You need to go to that site where they ask you to go.
They ask you to search something, they give words or phase or paragraph.
Search that paragraph or word or phase given to you.
They ask you to enter the site, this may be search result or some page.
If they ask you to click some thing banner then click that banner if not they ask you to click the advertisement which is given by the Adsense or other site.
Browse that banner or ads in new tab or new window.
This is the final step.

Bookmarking :
This category include all the social bookmarking site i.e facebook, twitter, digg, buzz, google, stumbleupon, delicious and many mores..
Ok for this types of job we need to know that first thing is we need to save the link in our profile.For this bookmarking job you need to have account to these sites.Not only account but you need some friends and some followers too.

How to perform the bookmarking job :
They will ask you to bookmark the site or page.
Login to your social bookmarking site which they ask you to bookmark.
Copy the page and browse the site in new tab.
You can share that page by clicking the share buttom also or you can post it in your wall also.
After placing check your profile whether the link of the browse site is in your profile or not.
This is the final step of bookmarking job.

Facebook Job :
For this you need to have an account in and you need to login to your account.
This is the site which we use most and we know how to operate to this site.
Basically in this job category we are asked to like the page, share in your wall, suggest to to your friends.
You are given the page link and you can browse the page and can like the page by clicking the like buttom.
You can suggest the friend by clicking the suggest friend link from the left hand side of the page.
You can share in your wall as you post your think in your wall but while posting you need to post the link and comment something positive to the site while sharing.
This is the finish of Facebook job.

Twitter Jobs: 
For this job you need to have an account.
How to preform the Twitter job :
Some time employer puts the condition that you need some followers for this you need to make followers.
If they ask you to follow the user then they will give you the link of that user whom you need to follow.Browse the link in new page or new tab.
You must be login to the account.
You can see the follow buttom in that browse page under the user profile.
Click that follow buttom.
If they ask you to tweet the page then login to your account and post that link in your wall.
For posting you need to click on tweet buttom as we do in facebook.
If they ask you to retweet then you need to think that retweet means we need to like that post.In facebook we can see like but in twitter for link we need to click the retweet buttom i.e Like in facebook = Retweet in Twitter.
This is the finish of the Twitter jobs.

YouTube Jobs :
 For this you need to create an account in
If you do have google account then no need to create account.Google account can Login to YouTube account.
In this type of job they will give the link of video of YouTube.
Browse that link in new tab or new window.
Login to your Youtube account.
They ask you to like the the video.
Click like buttim or thumb up  buttom which is below the video in youtube.
If you are ask to Subscribe the video then look above the video there is Subscribe buttom.Click on that buttom.
If you are ask to comment the video then look at the page where other user comment.There is box to comment.Comment always positively. Negative comment will not approve.
If you are ask to Favorites the video then there is ADD + buttom with like buttom below the video.Click Add + buttom and click on favorite.
If you are ask to share the video then click on share buttom and share the link in your site where they ask you to share.
This is the finish of YouTube Jobs.

Google Jobs :
For this job you need to have a google account.
How to perform the GOOGLE Jobs
If you are ask you to +1 then you are given to the site.Browse the site which is given to in new tab and click on +1 BUTTOM.
Then go to your
click on +1's
copy the url for proof
If you are asked to share in your wall then post the link in your wall of
This is the finish of the google job.

How to Bookmark on Digg 
Digg is another social bookmarking sites. Bookmark your latest post article and share to others and gain more traffic. Digg is like Stumbleupon,  and so forth.

How to Bookmark?
Go to
Log-in to your Digg Account (Sign Up if not yet registered).
At your Dashboard Area, you will see a "SUBMIT LINK". Put the URL of the text area.
Choose the Category.
Then, hit the DIGG IT

$0.10 Delicious Bookmark: Microworkers                                                                                          
My microwoker friends does not this job. It is very easy but I think that you can’t understand. They are all intelligent and best workers. But they have been working in as bookmark. Delicious bookmarking is different than stumble upon. Therefore they are trouble in this task. I think that if I can guide right them they will do quickly. Therefore I thank that I can help them for complete this task. Please follow this step:
1: Create an account on
2: I think you create account with facebook is better than Email.
3: After creating account you must sign-in into your delicious account.
4: Click on the ” Add link”
5: Add the link of cheetoh is providing you URL. Copy and paste into “Add link” than click on the save.
6: Next step is new page will open. Copy the anchor text who is cheetah is providing you. and paste into tag option. Tag option is below top of left side the picture. Example as you paste nfmobileshop.
7: Write description into description text box about website of cheetah providing you ULR. (This is optional. If you do not want to write that you don’t write. It is depend on you)
8: Click on save again. Page will page.
9: When the page will page you can see your recent post on this page.  Click on the tag remember that you give tag with it before this step nfmobileshop.
10:  Now are on the post url. only one recent post will show if you do right.
10:  Copy the URL of this post.
11: Paste into cheetoh .
12: Than click on the post.
13:  Cheetoh will give you a secret code.
14: Now you are able to submit this code as task proof.

Yahoo Answer
For this Yahoo answer job you need Level 2.
How to do the yahoo answer Jobs:
You are asked to search the question in yahoo answer.
If you are given link then browse the site and read the contain of the site.In some case the browse site only contain keyword and website URL.
If you are given given keyword then you need to search that keyword in yahoo answer .
While searching the question you need to use refine search which is at the left hand side of the page.
Choose the appropriate question to answer.If you find the zero answer question choose that if not then other question.
Give answer above 30 words with minimum 3 sentences.
After giving the answer in answer box you need to place the link in source box.
This link can be found in the job instructions.This link is given saying "Include this link in your signature/resource box".
Put this link in that box and submit the answer.
This is the finish of yahoo answer job.

Forum Posting:
 How to do the forum jobs :
There are three types of forum.
For this condition : If
Go to a forum (it should be popular, not a forum with no or little users) then follow the following :
1. Go to

2. Register to the site for the 1st time.
(For second time you don't need to register to the site.You can log in to the site with the old username and password.)

3. If the site is assigned to you already then you need to go to that site and register and should verify the mail and login to that site.E.g go to
For this condition :

4. If they ask to find the forum then you need to search in google placing  forum after the keyword. And need to choose appropriate site from google which have forum, show thread, new topic, new post, discussion in the website URL. These words can be found in the site URL in green letter. E. g http/
5. To write an article or post you need to choose the section of the chosen site. If there is advertisement section then go to that section if  not then you need to choose Off topic section.Off topic section are ( Off topic, Miscellaneous, General chit ,General chat, Random discussion & Lounge chat)

6. After going to these section you will see posts posted by the other users.There you can find the botton as we find in blogger E.g New Thread or New Topic or New Post or  Start Topic or Post new thread,new topic and new post.
7. Click that botton and you will redirect to the page where you can post the title and article. Put the tittle and write the article in that page.
8. After writing an article or post we are given to insert the link in our post or article. Copy that link or URL and paste it in your article box.
9. If there are more steps then follow those steps if not then you can post it by clicking the post thread button or submit post button or send button.
10. After clicking the above button you will redirect to your post which you have posted.
Copy the page URL where your article has been shown and paste it in your proof box.

Procedure to do Microworkers Cheetah Forum Jobs:                                                                          
    Let me tell you something that if you successfully completed any of the Cheetah Forum Posting Jobs available to you in Microworkers, then you can earn approximately 0.28$ easily. But the true fact is that many newbies over Microworkers don't have an ideas of doing Cheetah Forum Jobs. Thus considering mostly for newbies, I personally have dedicated my effort to list the suitable step by step procedure below to handle Microworkers Forum Jobs:

Log In to Microworkers and open any of the Forum Post Jobs available in your Job Section. Now you will see a link like "". Again open this link available while doing Forum Job in your browser's New Tab.
Now you are able to view Keyword or Anchor Text, a link and a box to submit Forum Post link.
Open any of the best forum regarding to the Keyword in anchor text and post an article of about 30 words which describes the link contained inside "". While writing a post provide the link in the middle of the paragraph with that anchor text provided to you. I strongly recommend you not to put the link either at the beginning of the paragraph neither the end of the paragraph.
 Now "Submit the Post" and Copy the "URL Link to your Forum Post".
Again go to the opening browser tab of "" and submit the link inside the "Forum Post URL" box.
Congrats! Now you will receive "7-digit Conformation Code". But bear in mind that if your task is not well performed than you won't get this type of code. Now for proof you have to copy it if you get that code..
At last, accept that Job and Paste that "7-digit Conformation Code" inside proof box and Click "I confirm that I have completed this task"!
I hope now you all can complete the Forum Jobs available to you in Microworkers Job panel without facing any sorts of problems. Get ready to grab the opportunity to earn money through Microworkers by performing Forum Jobs. Well now for any suggestions and problems regarding Microworkers Forum Jobs leave comments. Also if you have best forums suggestions rather than above listed, please share it with our community!
"Our Community wants to be Together and Works Together!"

For PR Jobs
Choose the PR job
1. If your ranking of the site is in rank then Login to your blog/site and click on new post button and post the article as employer mention the keyword. Do-follow the link and anchor text in your article. Do-follow means hyper link the keyword or anchor text mean you need to make that keyword clickable which will redirect your page to the URL assigned to you.

2. Publish an article and click view post than copy the URL of the article shown page and post it in your proof box.

If your site in not in rank in google then you need to follow the following steps :

1. Copy the words which is in the job title which is after link to"......"

2.Then go to and search that word in Google placing a tag forums after the words.

3.And need to choose appropriate site from google which have forum,show thread,new topic,new post,discussion in the website URL.These words can be found in the site URL with green http//;

4.To write an article or post you need to choose the section of the site.If there is advertisement section then go to that section if  not then you need to choose Off topic section.Off topic section are ( Off topic, Miscellenious, General chit chat, Random discussion,Loung chat)
5.After going to these section you will see posts posted by the other users.There you can find the button as we find in New Thread,New Post & Start Topic.
6.Click that button and you will redirect to the page where you can post the title and article.Put the tittle and write the article in that page.
7.After writing an article or post we are given to insert the link in our post or article.Copy that link or url and paste it in your article box. You are given anchor text and url in the job instruction. You need to make the anchor text clickable using hyper link button which is like earth and chain shape. If there is no any hyper link button then use the following code :
  First Process
If there is insert link button
a.  Copy the anchor text from Microworkers and paste it on the post where article is written.

b.Copy the URL/Link from the Microworkers.

c.  Highlight the anchor text which is on your post.

d.Click in the insert link button which is shaped of earth or chain.

e.  One form will be appear where you must place the link.

f.  Click on ok button.

 If there is no any hyper link button then use the following code :

a. [URL=“url”]anchor text[/URL]

b. [URL=url]anchor text[/URL]

e.  <a href=“url”>anchor text</a>

8.Use these code and check it whether the anchor text is clickable or not by clicking preview post button. If the anchor text is clickable then click on post thread button and post the article.
Copy the post URl and paste it in your proof box.

To check the PR of the site go to and put your site URL and anti bot code than  check it.


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